About me and "Punkt"

I kept asking myself the questions above. It was easy to feel bad or to be on cloud nine within just a few days. Why is that so? I started to reflect a little bit on what happened lately. I really struggled with that. I didn’t know what happened last week on Wednesday or what made me super happy the other day. 

Probably because a lot is going on in my life right now. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly on a roller coaster ride. While this sounds fun in the first place it can be tough in the long run. You have a lot of up and downs, sometimes just between a couple of days. You are going from “we are going to be the next Facebook” to “how can I pay my rent this month” very quickly.

It’s easy to forget about the blue sky (I love that quote from Headspace, where they encourage you to think about the blue sky which is always there, even if there are dark and rainy clouds on the sky). But it’s also tempting to think you’ve done it and there will always be the blue sky from now on. So it’s a mixture of feelings and it can change very rapidly. To find out about when I had certain emotions and what driving factors I have in my life I started journaling in a Google Sheet.

I quite liked the idea of the one-sentence journal to have an easy start. It turned out that this worked really well for me, to sit down in the evening and take 5-10 minutes to describe your day in just one sentence. One single sentence and “that’s it” or how Austrians would say “Ein Satz. Punkt.” 

It’s a perfect way to filter for different situations or moments. If I’m super happy I can reflect my rougher times and appreciate the current situation even more. If I’m a little bit down I can filter for happy moments to brighten up my mood.

I’ve now made this a side project together with my wonderful girlfriend and we want to bring the Google Sheet to an iOS app. So if you are interested in “one sentence journaling” be sure to sign up below. If we find great interest in our idea it helps us immensely to build the app together with likeminded people. 

You can find features of the app here. Signing up helps me to validate my idea and see if there is enough interest in such an app. Many thanks!